N0RDG31T5 3P1C W3B51T3!!!!!!!!11


Yeah, screw you, we're cranking early 2000's here

Either way, this be my personal page

Image Skebbed from @Inuki3434 (Twitter) (Skeb)

I, NordGeit, am a creator of sorts.

Known for such greats hits as The French Bread Tree and Channel Intro V0.01 I go day by day, thinking of new things to do, and things I should be doing!

I'm not that good at talking about my personal interests

I do uhhh UTAU and MMD, and I want to do so much more, so the only thing you can do is to follow me and see what misadventures I get up to!



Also on Matrix: @nordgeit:nordgeit.no






discord le suce da demente cocce